I stood on the dirt road. I hated my job. Leading young men and women toward their doom. But I had no choice. What The King wanted went.

The games were purely for entertainment for the King. The winner got a title, but they had to give it up to the winner the year after. The games were played in the large forest. They were supposed to...Kill each other, until only one was left. Alliances were formed, mostly from between sections. For example kids from Brokie would side with kids from Brokie, but in the end, they had to kill each other.

Reluctance to kill each other would have them burned in a fire.

It was horrible.

First came the carriage from the section Rarital. Off came (if you are from Rarital, add your character and description of your character here.)

  • Sapphire - A extremely competitive yet fair girl who wants nothing more than to finish the competition alive. 15 years old, she has long light brown hair, with natural blonde, and icy blue streaks. She's 5'6, extremely tough, and is exceptional at any kind of combat, especially when it comes to using her fists. Can run amazingly fast. Also, has the mental power of confusion, almost being able to give people slight brainwash. She has sea blue eyes, is 106 pounds, and is VERY smart.
  • Christine - A very rough 13-year-old warrior who wants nothing but victory. She is a natural brunette, and has never changed her hair color. Her extreme skills with swords and horses are pretty tough to beat, so good luck. She is secretly allied with some girls from Lyenia, but claims no one can know. She has brown eyes, is 103 pounds and 5'3

Then came the carriage from Brokie (Add your character and descriptions here)

Then came Lyenia (add character+description)

  • Alianor ~ A fierce competitor. She can run at the speed of light, climb trees at the same speed, and is an expert at weapons, especially arrows. She'll kill anyone and anything she sees, and doesn't waste time. She's 5'7, 110 pounds, tan skin, brown eyes, long black hair, and has an IQ of 235.
  • Emily ~ A quiet one, barely noticed by the competitors. She can run very fast and doesn't care for any barriers in her way, climb a tree in a few seconds and no one would even hear her. Always has a bow with her, and can shoot anyone in a moment. Good at medicine and great with animals, smart, she won't back down when someone gets in her way. 180cm tall, 50kilos, very light skin and blonde hair, big sapphire eyes.
  • Jasmine ~ A extremely intelligent 15 year old girl. She is very quiet and shy, but then with her friends she's lively, funny and talkative. She has blonde hair and bright blue eyes to match, her skin is tan and skinny but she still is a very strong girl as well as athletic and fexible. She has a love for animals, and is what known as an Animal Whisperer. She knows some spells and may chant them if it's for important reasons. She is very likeable and and kind as well as caring. She hopes to survive through this, since she is only a young competitor.
  • Neassa ~ A highly intellagent stealth quiet female. She's unnoticed by anyone and everyone around her and isn't really friends with anyone. She is an expert in archery and is highly skilled in magic. You have no idea when she is watching you and when she attacks, she's there and then gone, without a sound or trace, before you can realize thaat your dead. She's really secretive and good at spying. Using her spying skills, she is able to find her opponents weaknesses and use them to her advange. She is able to use her surroundings to her advange and is very strong. She is also can be evil/ has a dark side.
  • Alyssa ~ A Carefree, absent minded girl, and so she's often daydreaming. She can be serious when she wants to be, and she's scared of many things. She is very good at sorcery though. Alyssa knows how to make many potions, and perform many spells. Most of the time, she doesn't know what's going on.
  • Lilly - A strong, determined pale fourteen year old blue-eyed brunette girl who knows her way around. She makes the first impression as quiet, but once you get to know her, she's much more outgoing. Lilly normally only trusts those on her side, but could also easily ally with someone from another side if she really trusted them enough. She works well and best with swords, while she also knows minor archery skills. Her speed is slightly more than average, and can find hiding spots with ease.

Lastly came Snasen (character+description).

  • Llaris ~ A strong and merciless competitor, a sword is her weapon of choice. She is best at close (short-ranged) combat and she is skilled at hunting. She knows what is edible and what isn't. She kills with no hesitation, often making someone's death longer than it needs to be because of her sadistic side. Her region's population is fading away, and if she wins, they will benifit. However, she doesn't feel the need to fight for anything. She mostly keeps to herself, especially after her brother, the only person she trusted, died in the games. Light blonde hair, tanned skin, green eyes, 130 lbs. and 5'8 1/2. She's nearly sixteen.

And the games were to be started, as the king walked out.

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